Ultimate Guide to Flat Roof Maintenance

Ultimate Guide to Flat Roof Maintenance

If you’re a property owner in Chicago with a flat roof, you’re well aware of the unique challenges these structures can present if not properly maintained. In order to prevent potential issues or costly repairs in the future, it’s crucial that your roof is cared for on a regular basis. This comprehensive guide offers valuable tips to keep your flat roof in top-notch condition.

Tree Pruning

One essential aspect of flat roof maintenance is ensuring that trees near your roof are regularly pruned. This helps prevent branches from potentially scratching or puncturing your roof, and it also reduces the chance of leaves and twigs clogging up your gutters and drains. Overhanging branches often contribute to moss growth on roofs, so trimming these back can help avoid both time-consuming and costly moss removal treatments.

Install and Monitor an Effective Drainage System

If you observe water accumulating on your roof, it’s a clear indication that your drainage system may be inadequate. Flat roofs, unfortunately, often fall short when it comes to drainage systems, especially when compared to their sloped counterparts. However, with the installation of an effective system such as EPDM or PVC, your property will be well-protected against leaks and other common problems associated with poor drainage.

Flat roofs are designed with a slight slope to guide even stubborn rainfall off the surface. If you’re noticing large amounts of water pooling, it may be time for a professional check-up on your roof’s drainage system. Regular inspections can identify and rectify these issues promptly, saving you time, money, and potential headaches down the road.

Keep the Roof Clean of Debris

Flat roofs are engineered for effective water runoff but aren’t as efficient at naturally shedding dirt, leaves, and other debris like sloped roofs. If not regularly cleaned, this debris can form a dam, trapping water and potentially causing damage to your roof. Engage a professional with the requisite experience to safely remove this debris and ensure water can flow freely off your roof.

In the aftermath of extreme weather events, such as powerful storms or heavy snowfall, always inspect your roof for potential damage. Strong winds can exert significant pressure on the roof’s surface, causing tears that should be quickly repaired. After heavy rain, inspect for water pooling that could lead to leaks. Clearing snow off your roof is equally important – accumulated ice and snow can weigh more than the structure is designed to withstand.

Watch Out for Blistering

When moisture becomes trapped between the roof and its protective membrane, this can lead to blisters, cracks, and even water infiltration if left unchecked. Fortunately, this issue can usually be easily identified by an experienced contractor. Even if blisters don’t appear severe, it’s always best to contact a professional as soon as possible to prevent further complications. Ensuring your building is protected from moisture exposure is key to its longevity.

Promptly Contact a Flat Roof Repair Service for Leaks

A flat roof requires diligent care, so if you suspect a crack or leak, the most sensible course of action is to call a professional. Postponing could lead to extensive, avoidable repairs. Remember that leaks often occur around flashing and in seams – a skilled professional can accurately identify the leak’s source and repair it efficiently. Quick action can save both time and money in the long term.

How Often Should I Have My Flat Roof Inspected by a Professional?

If you own a flat roof, you know the importance of routine inspections. While the general recommendation is at least two inspections per year, factors such as the material’s age and Chicago’s climate may necessitate more frequent inspections. During an inspection, a professional will thoroughly assess the roof’s condition and identify potential problems, ultimately ensuring your flat roof is safe and sound.

Trust Third Coast Exteriors for Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance Checkups

At Third Coast Exteriors, we understand the importance of your commercial property and the investment it represents. Our expert team is committed to providing you with top-tier roofing services. From roof replacement and emergency repairs to routine maintenance services and regular inspections, we’re here for all your roofing needs. Our dedicated team of roofers has been providing exceptional service throughout the Chicago area for over four decades.

We offer a comprehensive range of services:

  • Commercial Roofing Solutions
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At Third Coast Exteriors, we’re committed to helping you preserve the integrity of your property and ensuring a solid roof over your head.

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  1. Larry Waserback
    Larry Waserback says:

    As a licensed home inspector in Illinois, a lot of the flat roofs I inspect do not get regular inspections. This is a vital service to extend the life of the roofing membrane. Thanks for all this information.


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