Asphalt Roofing and the Science of Color

Why is the color of a roof so important?
Asphalt roofing systems provide homeowners with years of beautiful, affordable and reliable protection.
Choosing the right roof color is critical because it is a decision that most homeowners will only make once,
and one that will have a lasting impact on the value of a home.
So how do manufacturers create different color blends for asphalt shingles? The secret lies in the Science of
How are asphalt shingle colors created?
Asphalt roofing manufacturers use consultants who are experts on current design trends to help
formulate color blends. Unlike other roofing materials, asphalt shingles are composed of multicolored granules which create a wide palate of choices, including different colors, styles and
designs. The granules are produced from durable igneous rock which has been coated with a clay
silicate mixture for color. Before application, they are coated with a highly-durable ceramic and
surface treated for improved long term adhesion.
Finished granules on asphalt shingles
create a unique, visual appeal to
coordinate with virtually any home
design. Along with color options,
granules also provide shingles with:
• UV protection
• Durability
• Longevity
Are there any trends in asphalt roofing color?
Consumers have literally hundreds of different color combinations to choose from. Asphalt
shingle roofing can be used to match a wide variety of exterior styles and neighborhood looks.
Some design trends include:
• Deep, strong colors are being used on home
exteriors. When the body color of the house is
strong, a neutral roof color will allow the body
color to showcase a home.
• Architects and designers are increasingly
making use of dark body colors. Instead of a beige
color, consider darker roof colors that harmonize
with deep blues, greens and browns for a quiet
drama that adds stability.
• Roof colors should be simple and neutral when
two or more body colors are combined, with
varied trim colors.
Remember, combining trendy colors with conventional choices
on a home’s exterior ensures that the design will have balance
and remain appealing for the life of the roof.
What is the best way to choose a
Choose an asphalt shingle which provides a
color and design that matches a home’s
neighborhood. Take the time to do research
and find the shingle color that works best.
Homeowners have a variety of resources to
assist them:
• Request to see multiple shingle color
options from a roofing contractor;
• Consult with a roofing manufacturer to
review different sample boards;
• Utilize online design tools to visualize how
an asphalt roof would look once installed.

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